Roborovskis (Wikipedia:Phodopus roborovskii) or Desert hamster is the smallest and fastest of all hamsters. These tiny hamsters are about an inch long at birth and grow to be on average two inches long. Distinguishing characteristics of the Roborovskis are the white spots where the eyebrows would be, and the lack of the dorsal stripe seen in all other dwarf hamsters. They live, on average, for 3-3.5 years although over 4 years has been known. These hamsters are hypo-allergenic so may not cause the same allergy symptoms most other types of hamsters can.

As PetsEdit

Roborvski hamsters are not very good pets for younger children that like to hold and play with the hamsters a lot. However, they make good pets for older and more mature pet owners that like to observe and maybe even slowly tame the usually very shy Robo. They are extremely fast, but rarely ever bite people. However, one should keep in mind that Roborovskis all have different personalities and will differ one from another.